Stitchpunk Nyx Picture

HEEEEEY, finally finished her reference. >.< The proportions are crap, so please bear with me.

Like the other members of her group, Nyx awoke without any idea who created her or why they were created. The only information they had to go on was the names they had on their "tags." Nyx was called by this name, but adopted the name "Nyx," after the primordial goddess of the night in Greek mythology.
At some point, she was exiled from her group along with Mothman. She became cold and distant, especially with newcomers. Some often wonder if she ever has a shred of kindness in her. The truth is she does, but after years of ostracization and finally isolation, she just decided it was easier to shut everyone out.
She is an extremely skilled fighter and is very quick on her feet. Though she is not without her battle scars, which she keeps hidden under her cloak, the years of being out on her own have made her a force to be reckoned with.
Nyx has a "brother" who was made of the same materials as her, but after she was exiled, she denied his existence.

"9," Stitchpunks © Shane Acker, Focus Features
Nyx © *cinda7
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