Nyx Picture

Nyx first daughter of Chaos is the Greek goddess of the night. The Oriphics of Greece described Nyx as a goddess ith awesome black wings who lived in the Underworld by day and only came out at dusk.

Here is Nyx emerging from her daily prison her large wings spreading the night sky through the forest.
I was sitting at home one day going through reading a book I'd bought recently on Classical mythology and as I'm reading the passage on Nyx I got this image in my head. So, I start looking for stock and how I could make all these little bits of images and brushes into one image. This is what came out of it.

I'm not too sure if I like it. It's kind of plain I guess. I dunno. Everyone else in the house liked it so I thought I'd put it up for critique anyway.
Nyx= Forest= Night sky following Nyx= Moon= Texture inside night sky=
Cloud brush =
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