Nyx Picture

From a dream I was awaken one night
By an ancient mist that sparkled bright
An outline of a woman came through the light

The Goddess Nyx herself entered my site
In the hours of darkness she stood upright
With her piercing glance giving me a fright

Long black tresses weaved nightmares tonight
Dazed by her crystal, I didn't resist a vampiric bite
In the darkness of Luna she filled a silver cup with delight

It was a truly thrilling and daunting sight
At the first light she vanished in a ghostly flight
I was mystified by this visit from the queen of the night

– Ava Moutopoulos
June 22, 2003




girl-----> me =]

it is supposed to be nyx, the goddess of the night....but there are much better pictures out there other than mine. she is very popular in greek mythology and i like her alot for some reason. =]
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