2. Plutus Picture

I used a style I have't in a while, sorry if it's hard to see.

This is Plutus, god of wealth and (in my interpretation of mythology) one of the two children of Hades and Persephone. That girl next to him is his current girlfriend, Cassiel (my friend Paula named her.)

Plutus was blinded by Zeus so he "wouldn't be biased when distributing wealth". So he can no see.

Plutus mainly goes around the Earth dressed as a hobo trying to figure out who deserves wealth. He only barely meets a girl (and when he does, it's usually troo labbu), so he doesn't have that many children. His kids usually attract money easily.

Notable Children:
1) Eli Dover (Cassiel's son)
2) Demi Dover (Again, Cassiel)
3) Some kid back in Victorian England
4) Random kid back in Ancient Greece

(Note: If you or an OC would like to be listed as a notable child of Plutus, please let me know. Though I would wait until the very end, so you may see what other gods I'm posting.)

Other Stops:
1. N/A
3. Thanatos
4. Ganymede
5. Asclepius
6. Iris
7. Nike
8. Heracles

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