Allegorien: Moros - Schicksal Picture

Translated title : "Allegories: Moros - Fate"
Size : A3 (29,7 cm * 42 cm)
Drawn with pencils : 2b (Faber-Castell)
Needs ~35 hours of work

I made this in the spring of 2001, like the "Allegories: Nike - Victory" for the vernisssage in Ukraine.

Its a part of the series "Allegories" which contains completely 4 pictures, made as a part of my works for a vernissage in the ukraine (autumn 2001 - spring 2002), at first only for Lviv, but through the good success, the vernissage also came to Kiev, and some other ukraine cities.
I was also there at the opening - a little adventure for me.
In the ukraine i was a little bit disconnected from the world - the opening-days was around the days from 9/11 , so i was one of the last, who knewed about this tragic thing...

So the picture has no "connection" to the things what happens on those days. And there was other pictures by me at the vernissage.

I always want to make allegories some day... i like the abstract things which comes to life - for example, in form of a god or goddess...
That was my intention and part of my inspiration for the "allegories"-series.

In this constellation, in my circumstances, these are the protagonists of my life.. it begins with longing, and fears follows - and it ends with the fate.. losing ... Like this allegory...

Thats one of the last 3 pictures i submit. Because my art is died 2007...

Hope you enjoy those last tears of my soul.

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