Miltia Nigtmares Picture

I got this idea from reading Dream Warrior by Sherrilyn Kenyon.

    Another bust of light startled them as Nike flashed into the middle of the Skoti. Her back to him, she stood at an awkward angle with her wings drooping.

So when I was reading this paragraph I imagined this pretty much, and I knew I wanted to draw it. Of course I forgot that I suck at drawing. But meh. I think it turned out ok.

And then, halfway through drawing, I realized that this could be a lot interpreted as a Miltia like scene. So I decided to just stick with it being a Miltia drawing instead of me looking like such a dork drawing from books that probably no one has heard of. : )

Oh yeah, in case anyone doesn't know and wants to know. Nike is the Greek goddess of victory, and in this book it's all about Greek Mythology (I loved it) and shit. But Nike got turned bad and whatnot in these couple of chapters.
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