NYKe Picture

...not to be confused with the monstrously-priced, corporate brand name associated with shoes.

...More directly dealing with the myth about the Greek runner who, after running some monstrous marathon, collapsed to his death while calling to the Goddess of Victory. It's sort of a pity to me however that such a pretty story should be overshadowed by a commercial enterprise. I mean, it's not the story of being all you can be or besting the competition. It's about giving so much of yourself to an ambition that it takes over your soul. Like a fire or passion burning from inside that shines out for all to see.

heh. Wonder how "Nike" would feel if Homer's estate (or whoever) decided to sue them about Intellectual Property Law infringement. gods, it feels like there's getting to be such a stranglehold on things that it's amazing anything good ever gets put out.

(and no, I didn't create this piece based around such suppositions. I made this bit o' art 'cause I stumbled upon an interesting trick with a photoshop filter and decided to expand on that mishap. cheez, ya haff ta interp everythink, don'cha?
(random trivia #589: Despite spending a good many summers reading up on Greek Mythology, Aaron never quite got the hang of referring to gods, goddesses, mortals etc.. with the long "E" pronunciation on the end of some names.)
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