Alcaeus and Sophia .:Refs:. Picture

These two are siblings that I adopted from here: [link] I revamped their designs since I didn't want them looking like clones... XD;;; Anyways I wanted to make an "ancient lion civilization" comic because I'm learning about mythology and such in LA at school.. :Y

Here's their info~

Name- Alcaeus (Al-kay-ihs)
Name meaning- It's an ancient Greek name meaning "Strength"
Gender- Male
Personality- Alcaeus is a noble and brave lion. He's always willing to put himself in harms way for anyone. He is also very protective of his younger sister Sophia and tries to keep lions who he sees aren't fit away from her.
Mate- Lydith
Offspring- Mikaus (female), Nike (nee-kay, female), and Theron (adopted)

Name- Sophia
Name meaning- It's an ancient Greek name meaning "Wisdom"
Gender- Female
Personality- Sophia is a quiet and gentle lioness. She is very wise and understands why her brother is protective of her and doesn't get upset about it. Sophia likes to spend most of her time with her mate and cubs.
Mate- Theo
Offspring- Aeschylus (Not Theo's son, male), Galenos(male), And Kallisto (female)

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