Prettier Than You Picture

Two characters for my demigod project, tentatively called "Age of Heroes" for Hesiod's five generations of people. Marco DiMello (left) is a Latino son of Demeter, and Clarissa Grey (right) is his girlfriend, daughter of Aphrodite (though her patron goddess is Nike, goddess of victory. She will kick your butt while doing her make-up and look FABULOUS while she does it). They're a little bit of a power couple, and while I'm not usually one for the stereotypical power couple, I feel like these two break the mold a little bit with the nature of their relationship.

ANYWHO, I'll be trying to post the rest of the gang later, and we'll see how things go from there. I'm planning on scanning them all into one nice (and not tinted pink) document once they're all finished and colored.


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