Snow Sculpture (W.I.P.) Picture

First piece of artwork for my 2014 gallery!

Yeah it finally snowed in Eastern Nebraska ('bout fucking time). Yeah old man winters sure has been pretty lazy about the snow fall this winter, hell we even had a brown Christmas in 2013 and then finally we get about 6 to 7 inches of actual snow and not that light dust either on Wednesday night. I spent most of the hours of my night shoveling all of the snow from our front parking lot of our house into a giant 5'x6'x7.5' solid block of snow and spent most of yesterday carving it out. So far it's about 12 hours of round the clock work for this piece and believe it or not I'm still half way done, there's still a lot of work left to do. I actually had to stop because the temperature was plummeting from a nice and toasty 20 to a chilling minus -10 degrees F in less than 3 hours. My hands were on the verge of frost nip because my gloves were getting soaked in melted snow. It's suppose to be cold all day today, I hope I can get a chance to brave the cold to finish up the fine all of the details and finally be able to finish up the back side too.

Believe it or not this is my second snow sculpture attempt that I've ever made and so far everything has been going to plan. I've already had a few people drive by and complement my work. I'll be looking forward to when this is finished (it'll look a lot better by then I promise).

Were supose to be getting more snow on Saturday, so I'll be looking forward to that too, hopefully we'll get way more than we did Wednesday. I might build a second snow sculpture then, even though they're exhausting work. Time is usually my biggest enemy, that along with poor weather.
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