Funny Komiks Power Ball Series Picture

this is for Pinoy Super Heores Group

The Power Ball Team is a group elementary grade kids who uses their super athletic elemental powers to stop the advance of the evil forces of chief Titan Chronus - the leader of the terrorist group called the Underworld.
They wage war against evil through hard core sporting events called the Super Ball Games fighting mythological monsters brought to life in the present time by Chronus through cloning. The team use the power of earth, wind, water and fire to save hapless fellow athletes from turning into monsters themselves.

Morgan is a Latralian (half Latin & half Australian) lifeguard.
He is the third Super Ball Child and he is into Volleyball. He grew up in the coastal islands of Australia and is an assistant life guard of Clear Water Beach Resort. He is a very mild mannered child, very cooperative and very kind to others. He is bestowed the elemental power of Water for healing and refreshing others with his light hands.

Mikey Nicesmith is a Jalopino (half Jamaican and half Filipino) popcorn vendor. He loves basketball above all sports mainly because his father was a former basketball MVP in the Olympic Games. He was the first super kid discovered by Nike Samothrace, his best friend and manager, who is searching for all the five super Ballers in the world. He is a very happy and positive 6th grader recently enrolled at the Rainbow Island International School.His positive attitude in life always leads him to achieve victory in every aspect of his life.
His secret skills use the elemental power of Fire to serve and protect the weak!

Cyke Robinson is a Japarabian ninja (half Japanese & half Arab).
He is born a shinobi in Japan but no longer lives as one . He now plays baseball to give honor to his old father who is an avid fan of the sport. He uses the power of the Wind to fend off his foes. He is the quickest of the bunch.

Rutger Princeton is an Amerman (half American & half German) rich kid from the USA. Powered with elemental powers this football player lends a hand to the team when they are facing a difficult opponent with high elemental powers. He is an Earth elemental using rock formations and gravity to serve and protect.


4- Superhuman

4- Superhuman

4- Superhuman

1- Human level or less to
4- Superhuman

4- Superhuman (1 day of peak exertion)

3- Gifted

4- High (Equivalent to Power Generator, Sidewinder missile, level a building i.e. Gambit, Booster Gold)

Did you know that their coach and trainer Coach Zeto is actually Zeus Chief of the Gods! He disguised himself as a mere old man so he can put a stop to Chronus' evil plans.
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