Athena Promachos Picture

Athena Areia - the second in the series.
Athena Oxyderces - the third in the series.
Athena Paeonia - The fourth in the series
Athena Soteira - The fifth in the series

Athena Promachos means Athena who fights in the front. This piece was meant as a show-off of the design I gave her and to portray her as a powerful godess. Her owl is with her as always and she has wings to remind of her origin as a birdgodess. The symbols on her wings and equipment are some of her many titles. The one on her arm in green means Healer and shows her side as protector of people. On the head of the owl is her title Nike wich stands for Victory.

When I first got the assignment I had a very clear image on how I wanted the final product to look. Well, not the specific details but the overall graphic style and feel. It got me worried because I had no idea if I could actually make such a picture at all, I just went with it and hoped for the best. And well... lookit what became of it! I'm really proud of it because I feel I have learned much from the process of the making and from the experience as a whole.

There's still a few issues and feedback I've gotten during my presentation of this picture at school, but I feel I'll have to take that with me to the next pictures I will be doing rather than sit around and tweak this one for a few more weeks. I still have four more pictures of this lady to draw you know, so chop chop!
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