Goddess of victory Picture

I would have just called her “Nike” but after the damn shoe company everyone forgets that it's actually the name of a Greek mythological being (that's why they named their company that btw).

But as a small history lesson the Nike was a winged female being that was associated with victory in wars (which is why you see the circular temple behind her and the armor). I chose to remove the idea of the chariot for instead a bit of magic to give it a bit of interest (plus bikini).

She started off as just a simple drawing... in fact the drawing was just her originally. The rest was added in later in photoshop using a variety of tricks to try to make my style seem a bit more cell shaded. Oddly enough for trying to limit my color pallet this image ended up being very colorful. It's odd how that seems to happen.

Aside from her my fav part of the image is actually that stupid building in the background. It took several calculations in photoshop with a vanishing point and a throw away layer, lots of layer styles so that it would create outlines for me ect ect. Turned out pretty well I think.I am aware that it has several flaws as far as true Greek/Roman architecture goes (lord knows I studied it enough in college) but hey I figured I might be able to get away with rearranging and throwing a few bits out. XD I wonder how many actual architects are going to stare at it and start listing how many things I changed.
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