Nike W.I.P. Picture

This is my first successful sketch of the Greek goddess Nike. It's just a rough sketch to roughly what is half of the full picture of what you are going to see.

Anyway, I ran into a minor problem. Maybe you guys can help, you see since you could say that this was my first time ever drawing Nike and that I was trying to give a bit of a twist to my rendition of her character design such as her clothes and outfit design and whatever random accessories that I might end up giving her.

So here's the big poll question that you guys can answer for me in order for to finalize my decision:
I want to put Greek/Roman influenced knee high sandals on her feet that look similar to these:… , but at the same time I almost like seeing her bare foot. "Should I put the sandals on her feet or leave them as they are, or try another pair?"

You have 24 hours (or until I say) to answer this poll:…

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