Nike Athena Lineart (W.I.P.) Picture

Well since only 1 person answered my poll in regards to the whole sandal issue on Nike with in the first 24hours, my decision has been made. Maybe next time I'll put some sandals on Nike's feet. Anyhow this where I've gotten on my lineart to the dynamic duo. I'm pretty much 99.999% finished with the lineart portion of my picture, and I should have this uploaded in full color in a couple days.

Overall, this been an extremely stressful piece to complete. I probably could have had it done in less than a week, but due to some of the original poses that I had in my head not looking right on paper and the stress of me getting laid off again from my new job last Friday, made it difficult to complete the lineart due to some of the depression and anger I had been feeling against my ex-employer (they'll be the last one's to get rid of me). In ways I wish I would have never have joined that union job and should have just stuck it out at my old job in the lumber yard truss shop. Oh well
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