Homeless01 Picture

so this is one of my characters in a short comic that i plan to make, shes cute and funny, happy, optimistic all the things a tortured homeless kid shouldn't be, so all the other kids from the "gang" accepted her straight away and they feel very protective of her for shes the only girl in the gang (there is a nthr one but shes more like a boy and can take care of her self) but her optimistic faith that everyone is good in heart wont get her far, and that's where the story really begins...

Nobody knows almost anything bout her 'sept shes the best part of everyones day...
but for how long...

oh yeah and her name is HELLE it might be strange but it has a meaning


Usage: Greek Mythology

Other Scripts: ‘Ελλη (Ancient Greek)
Meaning unknown. In Greek mythology Helle was the daughter of Athamus and Nephele. She and her brother Phrixus escaped sacrifice by fleeing on the back of a golden ram, but during their flight she fell off and drowned in the strait that connects the Aegean Sea with the Sea of Marmara, which was thereafter called the Hellespont ("the sea of Helle").
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