Culture Shock concept art- human races Picture

Culture Shock is a sci-fi setting I first thought up AGES ago, around the same time I began working on my other, more well, known setting, Cost of War. It took quite a long time for me to flesh it out properly though.
Like the Cost of War setting, the Culture Shock setting is inspired somewhat by ancient mythology and mysteries. However, overall the two settings are VERY different. Firstly, the Culture Shock setting is set in the not-so-distant future, but uses the ancient past as an important setting background (as opposed to the Cost of War setting that is all set in the ancient past). The ancient backstory to the Culture Shock setting is based on ancient mythology, just as the Cost of War setting, but in a rather different way.

A major feature of the Culture Shock setting is humanity's past. Long ago, there existed a prehistoric human civilisation that managed to colonise other worlds and also transported different types of human to other worlds. Around 12 000 years ago, there occurred some massive event which resulted in civilisation collapse both on Earth and on many other worlds.

Here's some of the human races in the setting. They are basically examples of known prehistoric human races (Neanderthals, Flores dwarf homonids) and mythological races (giants, little people, merbeings).

Earth human (Homo sapiens sapiens)- That's us.
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