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Hee. I remember doing this AP Bio project with my friend where we had to come up with some genetically engineered thing for this fake company. We made a sheep produce golden silk [hypothetically of course], and we were like ZOMG GOLDEN FLEEEEECE. It was pretty awesome. Anyway.

So yeah, the golden fleece is really named Chrysomallos. He's a golden winged ram of JUSTICE. The story of the golden fleece goes like this.. The King of Orchomenus, Athamas, fell in lerrrv with Nephele, a cloud goddess. And by her they had two children, Phrixus and Helle. But Athamas, being the man that he is, falls in love with Ino and marries her. Ino hated the stepchildren cause she was a megabitch evil stepmother, so she planned to kill them. Nephele couldn't have any of this, so she was like UH UH GIRLFRIEND *snap snap* and appeared with Chrysomallos. The ram carried the children off, but Helle was a deedeedee and fell off and died. Phrixus lived, though, and for some stupid reason sacrificed the goat and put its fleece in a tree.. where it was guarded by a dragon serpent (yes, I am drawing the dragon serpent. I can't resist.)

And then, there's another story about Jason and the Argonauts.. where they go and steal the fleece. And I basically just told you that story. Lawl *lazy and tired*

Btw, Aries = this ram. :B

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