Phaeton's 5 Outfit Color Selections Picture

"Sailor Phaeton is a senshi of plasma (electricity, magnet, and fire also known as photon). In Greek Mythology, Phaeton was a son of the Sun, Helios as his name means "the Shining One". Clearly, he was a half Solarian god and a half human as mortal."


Which main and secondary colors are the best suit for Sailor Phaeton as the lost (Actually, destroyed) planet senshi?

Main Colors and Secondary Colors (Specifically Bows)

1. Pure Yellow and Magenta (In opposite color as the Darkness Senshi, Sailor Nemesis while as she is Light Senshi.)

2. Pure Yellow and Spring Green

3. Pure Yellow with Orange and Azure (In opposite colors of Sailor Venus.)

4. Rose with Orange and Azure


5. Rose and Spring Green (In opposite colors of Sailor Haumea.)


Rose and Spring Green are both in the complementary colors and also both in the tertiary colors.

I am not sure about her color outfits. I saw the color of plasma ball, but there are many different colors of plasma.


Please, look it up in my page about "Our Solar System Warriors's Color Correspond Chart!"



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It is for vote few different color bows by comment here ONLY!

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So... please, help me! I have hard time to decide what it is the best fit for Sailor Phaeton!

By the way, I changed my mind about the colors for Sailor Phaeton because I felt that I will need to pick the better color to connect the sun's color or the plasma's color.



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