OC 3 : Minerve de Pulse Picture

This is another OC from my fan fic about Final Fantasy ^_^

Name : Minerve de Pulse (or Gran Pulse), but we can call her Minerve du Lac Bresha (so Lake Bresha in English, a place from Final Fantasy XIII© ). But we don't know about her real family name.
Age : 8
Birthplace : Lindblum (a place from Final Fantasy IX©)
Job : None, but she fights with Dragon Knights
Hair : Dark brown
Eyes : Dark
Weapon : Sword

She's the youngest character of the story. Her family lived in Eden, and after in Gran Pulse, but killed by the Dark Knights (I forget to explain that the story is a war between Dragon Knights and Dark Knights >< ), when Minerve was 4. She was adopted by Louhane d'Antioche, Marguerite's sister.

Minerve is protected by the godesses Themis and Nemesis (Justice and Revenge in Greek Mythology) and she wants to fight Dark Knights, even if some people doubt about her abilities. She considers her adoptive aunt as a danger, because Marguerite has to monitor Shinryu, captured by the Dragon Knights after Dissidia's events.

It's a long story...

Normally, Minerve has a small statue of Themis, but I preferred to draw a scale of Justice (I think it's more easy, so... c_c ).

So, I hope you'll like it !! ^^ And also, have a nice day !!!
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