GWK: Pretty Boys Picture

This is a remake of an old sketch I had lying around. I think the intended project was a collection of cartoons giving a brief summary of interesting Greek myths. There will be more. I assure you.

So the guy on the top is NARCISSUS, a lovely youth who had an ego. He attracted many lovely maidens, but he was proud, and shunned them all, thinking them unworthy. This chick, Nemesis, fell in love with him, but like so many others before her, had her heart broken. Seeking justice, she led him to a pool of water where he saw his own reflection and fell in love with it. He refused to leave the water's edge, and continued gazing at himself in the water until he starved to death.

The guy trying to catch the flaming frisbee is HYACINTHUS. He was a "special friend" of Apollo. The two were out playing catch, and Apollo threw the disc too hard, (because he's a god and all that) so when Hyacinthus tried to catch it, it ended up cracking him in the face and killing him. I love this guy because I think meeting your maker in a freak frisbee accident is just about the coolest most epic thing ever.

Then finally we have GANYMEDE, who was the only known male "lover" of Zeus. Truly though, Zeus didn't treat Ganny any better than he did is other lovers. Ganymede was once a Trojan prince who was one day, wandering along, minding his own business, when Zeus, in the form of a HUGE EAGLE, swoops down from the sky and rapes him. Then, instead of letting him go, he decides that Ganny is too pretty to share with anyone else, so he takes him to Olympus with him and makes Ganny his personal "water bearer". So those of you born under the sign of "Aquarius", that there is your birthsake. A hostage rape victim. Yup.
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