DC Now : Major Victory Picture

Don't laugh at the name, they only gave me two choices, General Glory or Major Victory and since General Glory was a member of the Justice League and known, I went with the relatively unknown Major Victory.

I lead the JLNA (Justice League North America) and despite what anyone may think the road wasn't as easy as anyone thinks. I was born the only child of Wonder Woman and Nemesis and most people think I was born with these abilities...well they're wrong. I earned them.

It was apparent after my younger sister was born with powers that mom's magical mojo wouldn't be passed onto her male child and my dad took measures to make sure I never felt inferior to my sister by giving me intensive training sessions since I was six. Although they both deny it, it was the main reason behind their divorce.

My father easily got custody of me but I spent a lot of time with my mom. Yet when I was nineteen it was Grandmother Lyta who suggested the trials. My grandmother had pentioned the gods to send me through trials to give me the abilities that she felt were my birthright, they agreed and after two years I came back to the world of man powered by the gods.

At my father's suggestion I offered my services to the U.S. goverment and when the United Nations came up with the Justice League Initiave, I was chosen to lead the JLNA.

The Justice League Initiative consist of Justice League's North America, South America, Europe, Asia and International, and everyone is trained by the newly commisioned Justice Society, which is led by Power Woman, who's only advantage over me is the slew of eye powers.

As America's premeir hero with no secret identity the pressure is always on me to represent the very best of America at all times and let me tell you, it's not easy, not by a longshot and there are days I just want to give it all up, put a pair of glasses on and just disappear into a crowd...maybe one day.

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