Goddesses Picture

So for school we had to read Mythology by Edith Hamilton and The Iliad, and I was very inspired by all the crazy goddesses and their generally scandelous lives. Some of them are missing, because, there's like...a billion. I just did the ones that are more prominent, and the ones I like best.
Top Row:
Artemis- Goddess of the hunt and wild animals
Athena- Goddess of wisdom, war, and justice
Demeter- Goddess of the harvest ,"bringer of seasons"
Persephone- Demeter's daughter, Goddess of spring growth, and later Goddess of the underworld
Aphrodite- Goddess of love and beauty
Eris- Goddess of discord and chaos

Bottom Row:
Hebe- Goddess of Youth
Hera- Zues' wife/sister, Queen of the Gods
Hestia- Goddess of the home
Iris- The rainbow Goddess and Zues' messanger
Nemesis- Goddess of revenge
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