Nemesis: Greek Picture

She's always making sure your life doesn't get too happy...and by the way drawing this took forever!

Nemesis – Retribution; Her chain-mail (gloves, shirt and skirt) was really irritating to draw...but I really like how it turned out. In mythology she has a lash, a sword and scales (and an apple branch sometimes); Obviously I have two of those here, In my version she shares the scales with Tykhe (her opposite) which is why I’m not putting them on either of their pages. Her whip handle is the sheath for her dagger. She only has one wing for several reasons, like with her sister (Eris) her wings are tattoos that she can have out or not by will, and I wanted to actually show that her wings are like bat wings not angel wings like in the myths, also I tried to draw the other wing and that side of the page got way to crowded.
Her back has obviously her wing tattoos, also her spin is outlined. The tattoo by her right eye is her symbol. (Though I realize in this it's hard to see)
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