Nemesis - deity collab Picture

soooo....finally I finished the pic for the deity collab.
I struggled to find a deity whom I could depict how I wanted to. First I wanted to go with Persephone (goddess of souls) and then Bastet/Sekhmet, but both turned out to be rather difficult to draw. I might have finished Persephone, but I didn't want her to be alone (I really really fancied having Hades with her...after all, those two are one of my fave couples ever in greek mythology).
so...I ended up searching for another deity. the good thing about nemesis is: she has WINGS! though not always, often - especially in her "hometown" smyrna - she's wingless, but hey, I don't care, it's not like this would be an iconogrphic challenge or something xD
nonetheless I wanted to have symbols that are true to her mythology, which would be in this case (after all the other symbols didn't quite fit), the sword and the scales. she is after all the goddess who decides the fortune of people. she especially hates arrogance and undeserved fortune/luck and will be sure to punish you
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