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Name: Rin Daemon aka The Forbidden One
Race: Fire and Ice Demon
Age: 100 yrs
Height: human form- 5'5'', true form, 64'
Weight: human form- 136lbs, 15 tons
Rank: Exiled, but from a Noble family
Job: Assassin in Fallen Embers

Likes: destroying towns/cities, killing people, eating people, Chi-Chi, fire, ice, Lex and Rosalee (though she doesn't admit it )
Dislikes: the Devil, other demons (except Chi-Chi), those who threaten Rosalee or Lex, being hit on the head by Lex, being shot by Rosalee, humans (she doesn't hate them, but she doesn't care for them either)

Personality: Because of her troubled past, Rin tends to keep to herself. The only person she truly opens up to is Chi-Chi. She's cold-hearted and has a thirst for blood. However, she is very protective of those close to her. Rin also has a short temper which can be best seen whenever she chases Rosalee around after being shot by her.

History: Rin is a descendent of two very powerful demon races, the Fire demons and the Ice demons. These two races are immensely powerful and are only second to the devil himself. The two races have always kept each other in check because they are complete opposites. So when a Fire demon and Ice demon fell in love, every other demon was enraged especially the devil. When it was discovered that they had a baby, the devil immediately sent out a legion of demons to destroy them. When Rin was still a newborn, she witnessed her parents being slaughtered by an unbelievable amount of demons. The only reason she survived was because the family friend, a squirrel demon named Chi-Chi, protected her and helped her escape to the human world.

Rin's life style consisted of running and hiding until she was strong enough to defend herself. At a very young age she was able to take on a human form and soon she was able to control the energy released when she returns to her true form. It was at this point that she stopped hiding and started to fight, she wanted revenge for her parents' deaths. She began training and honing her powers. She also started destroying towns at this time. She would completely destroy town after town, devouring all the human inhabitants so that she may grow stronger. Her actions became known as the Devil's Rampage in the human world. Her rampage eventually led to her meeting of Lex and Rosalee and to the binding of their souls.

Powers (human form):
causes explosions (left eye glows)
causes freezing (right eye glows)
fire radiates from left hand
ice radiates from right hand

Powers (true form):
causes explosions (left eye glows)
causes freezing (right eye glows)
fire radiates from left hand, tail, and whisker
ice radiates from right hand, tail, and whisker
whiskers are prehensile, flexible, and strong allowing her to grasp and constrict opponents
fires a beam of fire, ice, or both from her mouth
emits a powerful shock wave of a mixture of fire and ice

Weapon: Ginunngagab
double-headed spear
named after the chasm in Norse mythology where the rivers Elivagar met the heat and sparks from Muspelheim
unknown origin, though it is believed to have something to do with Rin's parents (Rin refuses to tell anyone where she got it and Chi-Chi can't speak any human languages )
the materials it is made from is also unknown; however it is known that the shaft is inlaid with gold and silver
the blades are an embodiment of fire and ice, resembling the corresponding element
the flame blade can radiate fire energy from it
the icicle blade can radiate ice energy from it
Rin is able to use the blade telepathically, allowing her to use it in battle without wielding it herself

The Soul Binding:
was a sort of compromise between Selena, Rosalee and Rin after Rin suffered an overwhelming defeat against the devil. Lex would heal her in return she would bind her to theirs allowing them some control over her (successfully putting an end to her rampage)
Rin's, Selena's, and Rosalee's life spans were averaged between the three them. Thus dramatically decreasing Rin's while significantly increasing Selena's and Rosalee's
they feel each others pain and if one dies, they all die
the scar glows red when any of the powers associated with the soul binding are used
allows them to communicate telepathically (they can also read each others minds)
they are able to possess each other, though Rin's the only the mental capacity to do so. (it is possible, though unlikely, for Selena and Rosalee to possess each other, but impossible for either one to possess Rin.)
there are many more powers associated with the soul binding, but is of yet unkown

Fallen Embers:
A small group of assassins formed after Rin, Selena, and Rosalee bound their souls together. Currently they are the only members but that is the way they like it. Rin fights using her demonic powers and her spear, Lex summons spirits to fight for him, and Rosalee uses an assortment of guns, grenades, bombs, ect to fight with.

Chi-Chi- old family friend, raised and protected Rin therefore Rin views her as her second mom
Selena- soul bound to, fellow assassin in Fallen Embers, (secretly her friend )
Rosalee- soul bound to, fellow assassin in Fallen Embers, (secretly her friend )
Lucifer(the Devil)- her arch nemesis, she has vowed to kill him with her own two hands

Fun Facts:
demons feed off of the energy of human souls, hence the reason why they eat humans
Rin and Chi-Chi are the only demons that actually reside in the human world, excluding demonic possessions and hauntings which are more or less projections of the demon and not the actual demon
Rin only takes off her coat when she begins to fight seriously
She only uses her spear against what she considers to be worthy opponents
Her clothes were actually stolen from her first victims, a circus performer and western outlaw (she made some minor modifications though)
The Devil actually fears her, which is why he's trying so desperately to kill her while she's young.
Rin's true form was greatly inspired by the Spinosaurus and she's in fact about 5' taller and 5 tons heavier than one.

I apologize for any typos or bad English, but it's late and i'm sleepy Also I apologize for the bad image, I had to take a photo of it. When I find a larger scanner I'll replace it with a scanned one.

You're welcome to draw fan art of her, just make sure you give me credit for the character and link me to it so i can see it ^^

Medium: Ink, Prisma Colored Pencils, Marker, White Out

Rin, Ginunngagab, Fallen Embers, art (c) me
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