TTR Cover Beta Picture

An idea I had for a while I decided to turn into a sketch. Twelve Tailed Samurai is the story of Koromaru No Mae's (aka Kor or Kore for short) experiences throughout his life. Kor is a twelve tailed Tenko, a high ranking spiritual kitsune often seen in the form of a lone swordsman with long white hair, a pale complexion, and piercing green eyes dressed in matching samurai gear and often wears a wicker hat. He always appears unaffected by time staying with a look of a young man despite how old he truly is.

Anyways, as said, he is a swordsman, but his sword is broken, deliberately by his own hands as he has vowed never to use a man made weapon of war but rather channel his energy through it making a kind of paranormal phantom sword, or "Genei-no-Ha". It often appears invisible but casts a shadow of a full blade. He uses this blade not against mortals but against the evils often unknown to mortals, his biggest nemesis (to the right) is Dai Gyakusatsu, or as you may more know him as is Massacre who is a malicious Phantom Beast who feeds on battle and the feelings ignited by it. He possesses a former comrade of Kor who felt too weak to be called a samurai made a pact with Gyakusatsu who in turn for having his body would give him skills and power beyond any swordsman and any warrior and be without fear in battle. He got this, and a seeming immortality as Kor has but now is only a vessel for the great beast.

Anyways, the Twelve Tailed Samurai, Koromaru No Mae/Kore, Dai Gyakusatsu/Massacre, characters and such are my own creation with reference to Japanese Folklore and Mythology.
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