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FULL NAME: Yule Gabriel Belén.
MEANING: Yule is another name for Christmas. Gabriel was the angel that warned Joseph and Mary of the king\'s search for Jesus. Belén means Bethlehem.
NICKNAME: His father calls him "Buck." His mother calls him normal things like "honey," or "dearie."
MEANING: "Buck" is a name for a male deer.
ACTUAL AGE: Eighteen.
RESIDENCE: Christmas Town.
HOMETOWN: The North Pole. (The northern side of Christmas town.)
AGE APPEARANCE: He looks 18-20.
BIRTHDAY: 12/24/94.
SPECIES: Half white-tailed deer and half-reindeer.
RELIGION: His parents are Baptist, but Yule has never been baptized. He also doesnt really pay attention to many things religion despite being named as such.
ALLERGIES: Fish, rock salt (the kind used for water softeners or removing ice from sidewalks/roads), down (fluffy feather filling for blankets/jackets), and grapes.
SEXUAL PREFERANCE: Yule is pansexual (whether he knows it or not.) He looks for personality rather than gender. The people he's fallen for merely happen to be female.
OCCUPATION: Yule is commissioned to make clothes and has recently opened up a small tailor’s shop. He helps with his mother’s ornament store and does odd jobs around the town.
WAY OF SPEAKING: He\'s rather proper, but he doesn't think he speaks any different from other people. Yule has a slight accent, but it's not enough to be considered from a certain dialect.
MARITAL STATUS: He’s in a relationship with Lily Finnigan.
THEME SONG(S): The Cave by Mumford & Sons. [link]
PERSONAL QUOTE: “With everything that I am, I will protect those in a way I couldn’t protect myself.”


HAIR COLOR: Yule\'s hair is a dark, chestnut brown.
HAIR STYLE AND LENGTH: Yule’s hair is wavy, long with long bangs that blend into the other layers of his hair.
EYES COLOR: Bright blue.
HEIGHT: 6’0”
WEIGHT: 190lbs.
OUTFIT/CLOTHING STYLE: Usually, he can be found in dark-wash jeans or slacks and a long sleeved sweater or cardigan. He only owns one pair of tennis shoes, but rarely wears them as he prefers oxfords and other types of dress shoes. He likes wearing fingerless gloves, beanies and scarves. Yule is metrosexual. He takes a lot of pride in the way he presents himself. However, I believe that, throughout the week, he usually just wears his uniform.
ABNORMALITIES (TAIL): Yule is a reindeer/white-tailed deer, so he has antlers. However, he does, nor most of the deer-people, have tails or hooves.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS (SCARS, MOLES, TATS): Yule is not a fawn, by any means. However, he has four fawn markings on either side of his eyes. I’ve decided that only a certain number of deer-people have these markings. It signifies the loss of childhood and the need to be youthful and carefree. The type of deer people that keep their fawn markings are usually plagued by misfortune and grief.
SELF CARE (MAKE UP): No make-up.
FIRST IMPRESSION ON PEOPLE: Yule is very polite and well-mannered. Because of his time at Holiday’s, he’s gotten over his shyness.
SKIN COLOR: He's dark. Yule is almost a chocolate color.
BODY TYPE/BUILD: He's rather thin with slight muscle.
DEFAULT EXPRESSION: It's a normal, straight-faced look.
POSTURE: He has very good posture.
PIERCINGS: Yule has stretched earlobes, which I imagine to range from 00ga to 7/16”.
DESCRIBE THEIR VOICE: I imagine it to be akin to City and Colour’s. [link]
WEAPON OF CHOICE: He doesn't usually fight, but when he does, it's usually with another deer-person. He uses his antlers and his fists.


MOM: His biological mother is deceased, after catching a mid-winter flu. His adoptive mother is a kind, older woman who owns an ornament shop.
HOW WELL DO THEY GET ALONG: Yule can tell her everything. They\'re basically best friends.
DAD: His biological father mercilessly beat and raped him every day from the time his biological mother had died to the time of his runaway. His adoptive father is a kind, laid-back older man who works under Santa Claus.
HOW WELL DO THEY GET ALONG: They get along pretty well, but Howard tends to take his teasing a little far.
SIBLINGS: Yule was his biological parent's only child. Howard and Holly couldn't conceive.
OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS: Yule only has Howard and Holly.
CURRENT LOVER: Lily Finnigan, of St. Patrick’s town, is his current girlfriend. Everything he is, she is not and everything she is, he is not. They balance each other out.
REACTION TO MEETING SOMEONE NEW: Yule no longer suffers from extreme shyness. His time at the academy has helped him get over most of his social anxiety.
ABILITY TO WORK WITH OTHERS: Yule doesn't mind working with others.
HOW SOCIABLE (LONER, ETC): Despite being shy, Yule doesn't mind being around people, but prefers being around people he knows well.
FRIENDS: Yule befriends animals easily, as he is very close to the actual reindeer that roam freely around Christmas town. Yule is also friends with his parents. He's also knitting-buddies with Gregory and best friends with Lily.
PETS: Yule, shamelessly, has a small herd of domesticated deer.
LEAST FAVORITE TYPE OF PERSON: Yule hates people who use, abuse and torment people. He hates people that are extremely arrogant, condescending and rude. He also strongly dislikes ill-mannered people.
PARENTAL TYPE (PROTECTIVE, ETC): His parents are very protective of him, but are fun-loving. He imagines that he’ll be very much like that.
FAVORITE PEOPLE: Yule's favorite people are his parents and Lily.
LEAST FAVORITE PEOPLE: His least favorite people to date are his biological father and Seren Melchior, a rival buck.


WHEN YOU FIRST MEET THEM: His personality doesn’t change.
AS YOU KNOW THEM BETTER (AND THEY LIKE YOU): His personality doesn’t change.
AS YOU KNOW THEM BETTER (AND THEY DISLIKE YOU): Yule only dislikes a few people. He usually ignores them. If people dislike him, he basically just lets it go.
POSITIVE CHARACTERISTICS: He's kind, caring and compassionate.
NEGATIVE CHARACTERISTICS: Yule is shy, passive and pessimistic. He's a slight push-over, but when he's around Seren (his nemesis), he is a mean, angry person. He, also, will stand up for people if someone is being ill-mannered. He’ll call them out on being rude and if it persists, he’ll “gently” put them in their place Mr. Deeds style.
FAVORITE COLOR: His favorite colors are tan, dark green and maroon.
FAVORITE FOOD: His favorite foods are mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and cherry pie.
FAVORITE ANIMAL: His favorite animals are deer, rabbits and Pomeranians.
FAVORITE INSTRUMENT: Yule plays the piano, harp and violin.
FAVORITE REMEMBERED MOMENT IN LIFE: His favorite remembered moment was when Howard and Holly saved him.
LEAST FAVORITE COLOR: He\'s not fond of orange or peach.
LEAST FAVORITE FOOD: If anyone mentions venison, he'll vomit.. almost immediately.
MOST HATED MOMENT IN LIFE: He hated every moment between the time his biological mother died and the time he was saved.
HOBBIES: Knitting, crocheting, making snowmen, playing the harp/violin/piano, sewing, singing and playing with the deer.
USUAL MOOD: He's usually happy.
DRINK/SMOKE/DRUGS: When he was younger, he wanted to turn to drugs/drinking to numb/drown out the pain. He drinks occasionally, but usually only during holiday events.
DARK VERSION OF SELF: He can become a really nasty person around Seren and a few others.
HOW SERIOUS ARE THEY: He can be very serious about certain things.
BELIEVE IN GHOSTS: Until he enrolled in Holiday's Academy, he didn't.
(IN)DEPENDENT: He can be very dependent on his parents, but usually only at certain times.
SOFT SPOT/VULNERABILITY: Yule has a soft spot to abused people and animals.
OPINION ON SWEARING: Yule doesn't swear often, but he doesn't mind if other people do.
DAREDEVIL VS CAUTIOUS: Yule's very cautious.
MUSIC TYPE: Classical, Indie and Christmas.
MOVIE TYPE: Romantic comedies and Christmas/children's movies.
BOOK TYPE: He likes Christmas books. Yule also likes fiction books and travel guides.
GAME TYPE: Yule really likes board games and cute RPG video games, like dating sims.
COMFORTABLE TEMPERATURE: He likes the cold, but he doesn't mind some spring like days.
SLEEPING PATTERN: He has a normal sleeping pattern now that he’s free of his stress/anxiety.
CLEANLINESS/NEATNESS: He's rather clean and neat.
DESIRED PET: He'd really like a small pet.
HOW DO THEY PASS TIME: He passes time with his many hobbies, but also likes to spend time with his friends.
FEARS: He has a few fears. Mostly those involving his past.
COMFORTS: Hot cocoa, his mom's mulled wine, warm cider, and deviled eggs.
SPECIAL ABILITIES/MAGICS: Yule is a skilled glass blower amongst some other talents. He made a few ornaments for his mom's shop. He's also been passed down the trait to fly. To debunk a common myth: he does not grant wishes. Reindeer/deer are not genies.
HOW DID THEY GET SAID MAGICS: Yule is a reindeer. Magic comes naturally.
WHICH "7 DEADLY SINS" ARE THEY MOST LIKE: (lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride): I would assume Yule would be gluttony.
WHICH "7 VIRTUES" DO THEY HAVE: (chastity, abstinence, liberality, diligence, patience, kindness, humility): He can fall under all of those, except chastity.
DANCE STYLE: Yule admires ball room dancing, tap, the tango and old dances like the Charleston.

ROMANCE MOVIE: I would cast him as the witty best friend that is suppose to get the girl.., but doesn't. Like Ducky from Pretty in Pink.
ACTION MOVIE: He would probably be the damsel in distress. Lol.
CARTOON: Some kind of talking Disney animal.
HORROR MOVIE: Victim number 1.
PORNO: I wouldn't put poor Yule in this kind of thing.
LABYRINTH: Probably.. Toby.
PRINCESS BRIDE: I've never seen this movie.

SAD: He\'s quiet and tends to avoid eye contact.
HAPPY: He loves to laugh and smile. He has kind of a sparkling personality.
ANGRY: He gets extremely blind to things around him when he\'s super angry.
AFRAID: He cries and hides.
LOVE SOMEONE: I\'m not sure how he'd react.
HATE SOMEONE: He ignores them unless it's inevitable, then he stands his ground.
WANT SOMETHING: He works for it.
CONFUSED: He's.. confused when he's confused. Lol.

DANGER: He avoids danger.
SOMEONE THEY HATE WHO HAS A CRUSH ON THEM: I think this is what is happening between Yule and Seren.
PROPOSAL TO MARRY: He would be the one to propose to a girl. I just imagine him as an uke if he was in a homosexual relationship.
DEATH OF LOVED ONE: He died a little inside when his mother died.
DIFFICULT GAME/MATH/ETC: He works it out with knowledge.
INJURY: In the injury that I think of, he tried to be quiet.. and avoid it. Basically barricade himself away.
SOMETHING IRRESISTABLY CUTE: He would just be awestricken and adore the hell out of it.
LOSS OF HOURS OF WORK: I imagine him to be angry/sad for a while, but he’d just redo it.


BIOGRAPHY: His biography is listed under his ID.
FIRST APPEARANCE: His first appearance was on his ID card where a few slight character meetings had started.

LANGUAGES: Deer and English.
INTERESTED CAREERS: Musician or seamstre(ss.)
EXPERTICE: Music, art and tailoring.
PUZZLES: Expert.
MATH: Low.
ENGLISH: Expert.
COOKING: Expert.
SEWING: Expert.
READING LEVEL: Post College Level.
HOW GOOD ARE THEY AT PLANNING AHEAD: He doesn't really plan ahead. Yule thinks about my future sometimes, like how many kids he wants or if he can imagine someone as his spouse.. but, they aren't really plans.
IMPULSIVE/STRATEGY: Yule's very impulsive when it comes to buying decorations for the home or furniture.


DO THEY TAKE INITIATIVE: It took Yule a while to ask out Lily.
HOW DO THEY ACT(SHY,ETC): Yule is naturally shy.
GENTLEMAN/LADYLIKE VS KLUTZY: He's definitely a gentleman.
GO SLOW VS JUMP INTO: He takes romance slow.
TRUE LOVE VS TESTING DIFF PEOPLE: Yule believes in true love, but that doesn't mean the first person someone falls in love with is that person.
PROTECTIVE: I imagine him to be very protective and very jealous.
ACT LIKE FRIENDS OR LOVERS: I'm not sure how I'd make them act.
WHAT KIND OF PRESENTS DO THEY BUY: I imagine he'd only buy super cute things.
TYPE OF KISSER: He’s a gentle kisser for sure.
ARE THEY ROMANTIC: I don't know.
HOW ARE THEY IN BED: Lol. Though I'm sure the situation won't arise anytime soon, I believe Yule would be slightly awkward in bed at first, but end up being a beast.
S+M: N/A.
MARRY FOR MONEY: Yule would definitely marry for love.
WHAT WOULD HAPPEN ON THEIR DREAM DATE: Spending Christmas together cuddling next to the fire with champagne and a cute dinner. YES.
OPINION ON SEX: Because I didn't want to change this answer, I'm just going to quote it. "As.. of.. well.. right now.. I hate it. I think that men use it to control people.. but, I know that one day, with the right person, I'll no longer be scared.."
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