51412 Picture

Drawn 5/14/12
A quick sketch of my version of Hraesvelgr from Norse Mythology

Hræsvelgr / Räsvelg- the bringer of wind and ice.
In Norse mythology, Räsvelg is a giant who becomes an eagle. He is, in essence, a huge, omniscient eagle that sits atop the tallest branch of Yggdrasil, the World Tree, and watches over the whole world. He also is said to be responsible for creating all the winds of the world, which blow when he beats his wings in flight.
They call him the 'ice bird', 'corpse-swallower', and ‘the man-eater’.
Hraesvelgr's nemesis is Nidhoggr, the great snake that lives among the deepest roots of the tree.
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