Rin Character Sheet Picture

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Name: Rin Daemon aka The Forbidden One
Race: Fire and Ice Demon
Age: 100 yrs
Height: human form- 5'5'', true form, 64'
Weight: human form- 136lbs, 15 tons
Rank: Exiled, but from a Noble family
Job: Assassin in Fallen Embers

Likes: destroying towns/cities, killing people, eating people, Chi-Chi, fire, ice, Selena and Rosalee (though she doesn't admit it)
Dislikes: the Devil, other demons (except Chi-Chi), those who threaten Rosalee or Selena, being hit on the head by Selena, being shot by Rosalee, humans (she doesn't hate them, but she doesn't care for them either)

Personality: Because of her troubled past, Rin tends to keep to herself. The only person she truly opens up to is Chi-Chi. She's cold-hearted and has a thirst for blood. However, she is very protective of those close to her. Rin also has a short temper which can be best seen whenever she chases Rosalee around after being shot by her.

History: Rin is a descendent of two very powerful demon races, the Fire demons and the Ice demons. These two races are immensely powerful and are only second to the devil himself. The two races have always kept each other in check because they are complete opposites. So when a Fire demon and Ice demon fell in love, every other demon was enraged especially the devil. When it was discovered that they had a baby, the devil immediately sent out a legion of demons to destroy them. When Rin was still a newborn, she witnessed her parents being slaughtered by an unbelievable amount of demons. The only reason she survived was because the family friend, a squirrel demon named Chi-Chi, protected her and helped her escape to the human world.

Rin's life style consisted of running and hiding until she was strong enough to defend herself. At a very young age she was able to take on a human form and soon she was able to control the energy released when she returns to her true form. It was at this point that she stopped hiding and started to fight, she wanted revenge for her parents' deaths. She began training and honing her powers. She also started destroying towns at this time. She would completely destroy town after town, devouring all the human inhabitants so that she may grow stronger. Her actions became known as the Devil's Rampage in the human world. Her rampage eventually led to her meeting of Selena and Rosalee and to the binding of their souls.

Powers (human form):
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