Scylla Picture

Back in times long past, there lived a wizard named Thulsa Doom (…) . He was a wizard of unparalleled power and skill. He was a varietable god among men, or just literally a god among men. He tried to conquer the world innumerable times but was always thwarted by his nemesis, Kull. Thinking outside the box one day, Thulsa created an interdimensional wormhole that took him to another dimension, one whose planet’s population were just barely lifting their knuckles off the ground. He was worshipped by these people who he named the Ciriyam and built a vast empire over this world. This planet is similar to our own but instead of having seven continents, they had only five. Over time, these continents and the Ciriyam civilization sank beneath the water. Instead of giving up and moving to another dimension, Thulsa used his magic to change the inhabitant’s physiology, making them amphibious. 6,000 years pass and the planet, now named Tanali, has become a planetary superpower, being a captain in water-based industry. While this world is undoubtedly advanced and somewhat peaceful, it is decidedly dystopian. The High-King Thulsa employs a secret police force called the Scarlet Fins, whose job is to police and quell any chance of usurping his rule. The citizens of Tanali live in a 1984-esque world, where they are being controlled but don’t know it. Enter Lainova, a teenage citizen of Tanali. She attends the same quasi-science and magic educational facilities, eat at the same places and hangs out at the same place as everyone else, but something is different with her. She has been taught like all the other children chosen to be Scarlet Fins, how to use magic and science to apprehend conspirators, but she sees the faults in it. She recognizes how the world is soulless with no real inspiration anywhere. Wishing for escape, she decided to sneak into the only place that could be her ticket out of Tanali: the private library of High-King Thulsa, where he kept all his most powerful magic tomes, including ones about dimensional travel. While all does not go as planned, she reaches the library only to be confronted by the god-king himself. Thulsa congratulated her on her efforts but said that he would never allow anyone to disobey him. After a brief magical scuffle, Lainova grabbed the tome, found a dimensional travel spell, and was transported to the middle of an ocean. The Atlantic Ocean to be precise. She soon found herself being attacked by Scarlet Fins, sent after her by Thulsa. She tried to fight them off but they overwhelmed her by sheer numbers. Just as they were about to embark back to their dimension, they were attacked by a man in strange clothes (…). Between the newcomer and her own formidable capabilities, they managed to subdue the Scarlet Fins. Calling in Synapse (…) to give the girl a psychic download of the English language, they learned of her past and adventure and promised to give her sanctuary, unaware that Thulsa still plans to abduct her and bring her back, thereby crushing any idea of a rebellion. She was a part of the lower Providence program and served under Riptide who she came to fall in love with. She currently divides her time between Locum and living in Atlantis with Riptide.

Lainova is considered to be the wisest of her team. That doesn’t means she is the smartest. She is known to be relatively hot-tempered, though not to the degree of Apollyon. She actually prefers pacifistic approachs to conflicts. She also takes her job as a Providence agent seriously, perhaps too seriously.

Due to her unique physiology and forced genetic alterations to become a Scarlet Fin, Lainova has quite an array of powers like:

· Weapon formation: She can turn her arms into non-projectile weapons, like bats, swords, clubs, etc.

· Electricity generation: She is capable of produce 2000 volts of electricity, which she expels through her hands.

· Invisibility: She can become invisible.

· Amphibious: she can survive on land and in water, though she prefers water.

· Superhuman Strength

· Superhuman speed

· Superhuman Durability

· Expert knowledge of magic

She gets her codename from a Greek mythological monster who was extremely difficult to survive, let alone defeat.

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