N.E.M.E.-515 Concept Picture

NEME515 was originally named Psyche, after a person in greek mythology. I used to name a lot after mythological individuals, and hers was basically because i liked the name, nothing more. Realizing finally who Psyche actually was, i decided the Psyche's name was misleading, or at least fairly random, and did her personality and character no real credit or what have you.
So i looked up some more, and adapted it to her Cyborgian nature. Nemesis was originally a personification of Vengeance and somesuch, and for a battle andriod, it works out much better, especially when its slightly shadowed as a codename: Neurologically Emancipated Mechanical Experiment (number 515).
Nemesis is basically a construct to be the "perfect consort." Which to say, isn't exactly as it sounds, as her duties range from common every day duties, to bodyguarding. However, to be made completely humanlike, she did have several programs and ports installed to be as realistic as possible. She cools her circuits by breathing in and out, has an advanced personality program (slightly flawed), and heals slowly via tiny nanobots.
Nemesis's weapons are two large scythe like blades that extend from her forearms, which are fully retractable when not in use. She is shown in her battle armor, which can be phased in and out of sync with reality, to switch from combat to "street clothes." Though she is the latest model and the most advanced, (which she has proven by escaping her captors and creators) she is slightly neurotic, having awakened naked in a tube, and loaded her personality matrix before it had a time to fully initialize, erroring out several key components that makes her less than sane. However, Nemesis's most powerful weapon is her ability to adapt, so the most time spent in the world, the more she grows to deal with her imperfections.
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