Vritra the Emperor of Gohma Picture

This one is finished in India before the Indian Independence Day and just in time too.

I also draw a villain and it was my attempt to do that. And speaking of this character, this character is part of my project so he will be appeared coming soon in my book.

Enjoy my artwork.


The Asura Emperor of Gohma

The vicious, sadistic demonic serpent-dragon who steals their waters from humanity and kept hidden away for himself. Defeated by his nemesis, Indra, he returned for the third time. And this time, he has the power of Gohma, a chaotic power that it can corrupt animals into his army and create his own kingdom and empire, even he can transform into gigantic three-headed serpent-dragon. He's the partner-in-crime of Yamato no Orochi.

Based on the Hindu mythology of Vritra.
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