LegenDex Entry No. 536 Picture


The Great Nordic God of Thunder and Lightning.

Thor carries the might Hammer Mjolnir, and wears a belt of power that doubles his strength. Without that belt, The Mighty Thor would not even be able to so much as budge the Mighty Hammer an Inch.

Thor Defends the Common man from the Evils of the Giants, and each time a Clash of thunder is heard, or a flash of lightning seen, That is Thor, defending the people of Scandinavia from the Evil Hrimpusar, the Frost Giants of the Mountains. Thor lands mighty blows and beats the Giants back up the mountainside, away from the Helpless villagers and country-folk.

The greatest enemy of Thor is the Vicious Jormundgandr, an enormous armored snake that has deadly venom dripping from it's mouth. Thor and the Jormundgandr are perpetually locked in Death Combat, until the day of Ragnarok cometh, whereupon Thor will kill the Jormundgandr, by crushing it's head beneath the Brunt of Mjolnir...but in a cruel twist of Fate, Thor himself will Perish, as his fury blinds him from seeing that the Venom from the Jormundgandrs mouth drenches him, and he slowly dies.

Thor was once Worshipped as a great deity before the Christianization of the Nordic regions and Scandinavia. His Armies fought off the Christian invasions until the very last Viking fell in combat, as Thor would have done.

Some still believe that Thor lies in wait...High in Asgard, waiting for his Nemesis, the Jormundgandr to return...some still say they see him battling the Hrimpusar up the mountains, or hear his cries during the most violent of storms...

Hail! Hail! Hail to thee, Thor! Hail!
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