Of spate in reBIRTH OF KRISHNA Picture

This is a painting potraying birth of Lord Krishna.

Of spate in raining torrents
When in noisy beating swells
Wasn't Yamuna aware but bewared
Softened timely a celestial dab-touch
Krishna gave from Vasudev's escort

But erstwhile happenings, knew well
Knowing future events the Milky ocean
Cautioned, from the downpour to protect..
Hooded Adisesha over the little Lord
Gokul-Guard grown to a Global-Gaurd

Wonderment is wondrous Gopal
Celestial child to supreme God of all
Midnight tune of nemesis to evil
Kamsa to Kauravas, mastermind of a destroyer
Yet not stressful but blissful a Bansury player

Amazement is Krishna, all-time-attracter
Amazing His deeds all a divine blockbuster
Amazing Rohini(aldebaran) -born toddler
Amazingly when killed Kaaliya with valour
Amazeful althrough ashtami-born victor

so such, o'my heart wish for His presence
So to bathe in Krishna's mercifulness
So to absolve of torturing sins
So to cheer like Gopas and Gopikas
So pray o'my heart for His reborn nascence

And don't laze..be abuzz with cheers
And fetch in for Him fragrant flowers
And do with sweetness the delicacies
And decorate with rangoli and festoons
And light the lamp and incense with prayers

Then fasting crying in soul's calling
Then longing soulful for His blessing
Then stringing basil singing praising
Then clapping, dancing for His heart's listening
Then await His comming to your imploring

This illustration has been done in the madhubani painting style, madhubani is the indian folk art, which mostly potrays indian mythological stories, using natural mountain colours.
I have made an entire series of 10 drawings,which shows the life style of Lord Krishna and designed an advertising camapign for ISKCON TEMPLE.
i hope ull like it.
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