Sonic Nxt Gen. Picture

well these are the good characters in my nxt gen world, here's the bio's;

Tai the hedgehog(top left corner): Tai is a waiter and chef at his own food place (haven't figured out a name yet),he is somewhat stuck up, and has a french accent. (he's like the french waiter stereotype) he also is a martial artist black belt, and hates it if anyone dislikes his cooking. he is a friend to all of my good sided characters, (especially Coal) and believes that fast food places are nonsense popycock.

Cindy the echidna (below Tai): Cindy is the daughter of Knuckles and Julie-su, also the twin brother of Joints. She is very aggressive (don't judge a book by it's cover) and is good at it too. she seems more like her father than her brother, so she is definitely 'Daddy's little girl' and is often found to be less feminine, unless she is around Scurve (her boyfriend). she likes making fun of her older brother because of thier difference in battle, and get's away with it too, because he never pays attention to her during those times, or does he?

Coal the (whatever silver's species is) (below Cindy): Coal is the same age group as the others, and is really good friends with Tai and Joints, because he can't get a chance to talk with the others most of the time because they are training or something, he would be with them, except he has a medical issue with his legs, and that keeps him from the battlefield. He is especially kind, and is a real pushover for younger kids. He also does things like paint and draw, probably because he can't do much else...

Pental the echidna (next to Coal): Yeah, i know he's an echidna, but he looks cooler with ears (he originally had fur too) ignore that. Anyway, Pental is the closest thing to a father for Scurve, and the guardian of several form enhancing objects. He is a very skilled fighter, and serves as the elder over the village in which the team lives (even though he's only 40-50). He has a great sense of short sentence humor, and often causes uproars with it. He also uses his humor to judge weather his opponent has a soul or not. If he had a special category, it would be part time comic-relief.

Joints the Echidna (next to Pental): Joints is the son of Knuckles and Julie-su, and Cindy's twin brother, and he hates that. he is stands out among his family and team as the only one who tries to not get in fights, the reason being the way he grew up; When he was young, his parents were always in some type of physical training, so he often left the house and played in the city streets. But one day he just happened to come across Tail's lab, and he eventually became his assistant genius, which caused friction at home... He is like the son Tails never had (because Riley pursued other interests) and is the weakest team member when it comes to power.

Colonel Mach (the fox): Colonel Mach was a general that served under Sonic during the fight against (some evil person) that made the surface inhabitable and forced the underground colonization. He often blames himself for this, and in doing so becomes somewhat hotheaded in his actions. He is a great warrior, and often fights hand to hand, using his wrist claw as a shield and sword, his agility often adds the advantage to his arsenal. He is good friends with Pental from the war, and regret's the history of Akat-Suki in the village, but still helps train the next stand of warriors to combat the Dark Assaultants.

Werehound (the Werewolf): Werehound is a person who is somewhat G, he is G, but doesn't treat other people like he is one. Which gives him an odd character, to go along with his hotheadedness, and courageous efforts. he has a definite rivalry with Scurve, and a real dislike for Coal and Joints, which makes Scurve stand up for them and make him even more mad at them. he does have a heart, but it only shows in cases of real importance.

Riley (the fox): Yeah, he's tail's son (with Cosmo) and, also like Joints, is unlike his father. He instead has a lot more in common with his mother, which makes his love for plants and powers concerning nature obvious. But he also has a great interest in mythology, and is very quiet, but when he does speak, he says few words, but proving his point or view very sharply. He is very wise, and dislikes computers, or any technology for that matter, mostly because his dad tried forcing his love of technology down his throat. but he does have intellect from his father remaining...

Scurve (the hedgehog): He is the son of sonic (you would have never guessed by looking at him would ya?) He is a fun-lovin' teen who can't stop going faster! he is EXTREMELY cocky, and believes he can defeat anyone, with or without his friends. But that doesn't mean he doesn't treasure them, he is friends with all of his teammates, and sticks up for anyone who would need it. He is a very good swordsman, and has training as a samurai and a ninja. He also has Cindy to be his girlfriend (SonAmy all over...) and Silo to be his arch nemesis (see Dark Assaultants, my page) along with an appearance in Sonamygx13's next gen series. And leads his team besides Sonny the Hedgehog to help save the world(s).
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