Mamilius Breakdusk Picture

Name: Mamilius Breakdusk

Age: 29

Species: Monster

Kind: Anthro

Occupation: Dark Warlock

Alignment: Evil

Likes: Power, his enemies destroyed, torturing his enemies, toying his enemies, vengeance

Dislikes: Kendrix, peace, cute wildians

Personality: Remorseless, evil, cunning, twisted-humorous, manipulative, sneaky, backstabbing, power-hungry, overconfident, ruthless

Skills: Dark Magic, knowledge of magic and mythology, necromancy, mind-controlling big and strong monstrous wildians, trickery

Weapon: His dark magic

Fighting Style: Mamilius is both a fiendish trickster and a powerful warlock who will cheat, lie, steal, and other fiendish attempts to get what he wants to rule all of Trodain.

Appearance: dark purple robe with light black fur cloak, skin and bone-like, animal-like skull necklace, large long and boney-fingered hands, black and yellow eyes, white hair, covered in warts, lavender fur, light black horns

Relationships: No Friends or allies, Kendrix Fitzgatsby (mortal nemesis), King Renate, Queen Medea (arch-enemies, attempting to take over their kingdom)

History: Mamilius is an evil warlock who attends to rule the land of Trodain by stealing King Renante's secret treasure. However, his mortal nemesis, Kendrix Fitzgatsby, the hero of Trodain, is preventing him from gaining the secret treasure. (More info later.)

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