Dragonkin cover? Picture

Don't have much to say about this other than I love it ^^ I really like how both of the characters came out, especially Bazkhul (the dragon guy). I like how Azrea's (the girl) hair came out and I swear I am never going to draw either of them naked or without at least a shirt one...those bumps are a pain in the ass to shade and outline >.<

Basic story behind these two is they are father and daughter. Bazkhul is a drake, which, in the the world they live in means that he is the son of a female earth dragon and a human male of the Kameeri race. Azrea is known as a dragonkin, the child of a drake and a human. Her mother, Ashayla, was of the Kameeri people as well.

The Kameeri are people of the southern deserts that create the border between the country of Dragon Song and it's nemesis the Allerium Empire. They are a large hardy people, with dark red skin and usually stand at least 7 ft tall, 8 ft is not uncommon. At lot of drakes and dragonkin come from Kameeri mothers as they are just about the only humanoids that can bare a dragonkin/drake child due to their size and hardiness.

Do not ask me how dragons and human can interbreed, I'm still working on the world's mythology and evolution path >.< I think I have it somewhere in my notes the idea that maybe it was dragons that created mankind during the Mother's absence...but I'm not entirely sure.

As for the comic itself, titled Dragonkin, is basically based around the daily life of Azrea and her father as they survive the hardships that come from being Dragoneers in the Dragon Song military.

I'm actually just kinda coming up with the story as I go, but I've absolutely falling in love with these characters, especially Baz ^^

I hope you guys like it! Be sure to comment and critique as I'd love to know how I can better represent these characters
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