Dragon Ball Story-Arcs Picture

Time to talk about the original manga, being as I said a long time ago one of my favorites. So I reread the entire thing from start to finish that summer and.... it does not hold up, it REALLY holds UP ! At least at 6 out 7. When I say Dragon Ball, it includes the Z part that many either love too much (Well I do so but not for the same reasons...) or hate (while they don't give an exact reason. Or overlook the signs of the shifting tone. But as a fair judge, I will show you that it is not as bad as you think...).
People often make the assumption that this story is just people flying around in the air, staring at each other, screaming, and shooting ki.
Actually no; the first part is about adventures, the darker parts are more about survival than a "becoming TEH STRONGEST" contest.In fact, before giving you my thoughts on each story-arc, I will give you some trivias:

- I don't give a damn about the power levels really, that does not make me like or dislike a character so don't even think of starting one of those debates here. In fact , the whole Super-Saiyan transformation has a high price to pay to achieve and lost its meaning only at the very BITTER END as we will see. Also, the manga needs to be read with the context at the time in mind to be properly appreciated.
- Don't bother with the whole canon this, canon that ! It is fiction so I talk about what I love , chief !
- Yamcha's role diminishes WAY earlier than you'd think. And I rather like the guy, so you know...
- I actually love some of the movies and OVAs (another article). Even prefer them to the anime...and BOTH DB and DBZ are REALLY slug-paced when it comes to animation, even though I love how some scenes do flesh out the characters.
- The japanese voices are not necessarily better than the foreign ones. It really depends on which character we're talking about.
- The Dragon Balls are not THAT practical. In fact , the heroes have to survive the next fucking day so that they can use them. And they are not so easy to retrieve.
- The main villains generally become far deadlier once they are out of their comfort zone or genuinely scared ...
- Akira Toriyama's drawing style is all around excellent. Especially when it comes to facial expressions. But while he's also a skilled writer , I think he does depend on effective editing to get a work of quality. ( Editors like Kazuhiko Torishima and Yu Kondo. But not so Fuyuto Takeda...)
- My first exposure to Dragon Ball was DBZ Budokai 3. Pretty Great Game. That's mostly because as a kid, the episodes were diffused in such a random order I could not keep track !
- I do have more of a soft spot for the villains ...
- The Genkidama ain't that fucking pratical... so is the Makkankop...Makkamoso...Makalasalop... Ah to hell with it ! Special Beam Cannon !
- The spanish parody Dragon Fall was one of my first exposures to many video games, comics, animes etc due to the tons of easter eggs and references it threw at me. It would deserve an article on its own because very few people know about it...
- The franchise has a fuckload of great song and musical themes to go with it .
- As hilarious Team Four Star is, some characters are pretty much the exact same they are in the manga. Just a remark not a criticism .
- Goku, as much as I like him, is not exactly the most fascinating character of the bunch as we will see. But I do enjoy that he's not as invincible as he's made out to be
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