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If some of you remember reading my review on the 1995 film Demon Knight, which starred actors Billy Zane, William Sadler, and Jada Pinkett Smith, you may also remember that I mentioned that I made a comic strip back in the fall of 1998 which was only three years after that film was released in theatres. And as I mentioned in the review, I never had the comic published to the media because I couldn't get a hold of anybody who'd be interested in it, and it was pretty amatuerishly done. But then again I didn't even try. Not that I think it would have made any difference anyway. Anyway, for those of you who are interested, let me go over a few things about my past work.

As I mentioned in my review on that particular film, I was greatly influenced by its engaging story and its awesome antagonist. And so three years later, I decided to make something that borrowed influence from that movie along with using influences from Japanese anime and various kinds of mythology. The premise of the comic as I probably already mentioned is basically the same as Demon Knight's story in the sense that the protagonist is the carrier of an ancient relic, and his arch nemesis is a demon who is in hot pursuit of the protagonist and the relic. But most of the story which I have written for the comic was different in terms of the series of events that occur along with an entirely different cast of characters. And rather than taking place in a motel located within the desert of New Mexico, the setting took place in a mansion located within a forest somewhere in the southern United States.

I started working on the comic in January of 1998, and it took me nearly the entire year to finish it. But by October 31st of that same year, I was able to finish it before the year was over. And every Halloween that came and went ever since, I would take the time to reflect and remember that particular day, for it was one of the few highlights of my life. Because back then I felt that I had accomplished something in spite of how superficial it might have been. Anyway, this is one of my most cherrished memories of all time. And its always a pleasure for me to look back on every October 31st.

The illustration featured in this submission is merely a concept sketch I made just shortly after I was finished with the comic. The figure in back with the cowboy hat is basically the demon (Billy Zane's character), and the character in front posing with a gun is the main protagonist (an original character I invented). I don't think I'll ever post my work here on DA. For one reason because the artwork as I mentioned was poorly executed, and the story itself was not very original. Plus the comic itself is extremely violent and it has a load of swear words in it. I did have plans on re-writing the story along with making a sequel for it. But in fact, I've been planning a sequel for quite a while now. But with all the things that plagues me today, I don't think I'll ever get around doing so. But in any event, I hope all my friends and watchers enjoy this little sketch I made a few years back.

Concept and Art belongs to MDTartist83.
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