New Amalgam: Young Titans Picture

The Young Titans (Young Masters + Terror Titans):
The Young Titans are a team of young villains assembled by the Secret Society of Evil (Masters of Evil + Secret Society of Super Villains). While the Society opposes the heroes called the Justice Avengers (Avengers + Justice League), the Young Titans are sent to eliminate their youth counterparts, the Teen Avengers (Young Avengers + Teen Titans). The Teen Avengers are strong in numbers, but the Young Titans divided them and hunted them down, one by one.

Left to Right:

Clock-Head II:
Amalgamation of: Egghead II + Clock King II
Alias: Tem
Biography: The original Clock-Head was Elihas Tockman (Elihas Starr + William Tockman), a criminal mastermind with extensive knowledge of all things time and nemesis of the JA members Wingspan (Hank Pym + Hawkman) and Wasp Girl (Janet Van Dyne + Hawkgirl). The second Clock-Head, an android built by Tockman, also went by the alias "Tem", which is short for Tempus, the Latin word for time. Tockman developed an early system for time-manipulation, centuries before the villain Krangos (Kang + Chronos) perfected it. Tem's central processor is separate from his body by way of a chrono-graviton repeater which allows for greater control over his mechanical body and time-based arsenal. Believing his creator to be dead, shot by the Justice Avengers' archer Hawk Arrow (Hawkeye + Green Arrow), Tem swore revenge against the JA and all who stand by them. Dressed in a purple suit and bowler hat, the android was the first to be contacted by the Secret Society of Evil and made the leader of their Young Titans initiative. Tem agreed to help them eliminate the Teen Avengers, but only if he could kill the senior hero Hawk Arrow himself. His brilliant intellect and ability to accurately calculate future events allowed the six villains to hunt down the numerous young heroes.
Powers: Android body has enhanced strength/durability/stamina; superhuman intelligence, on par with his creator; the ability to accurately calculate immediate future events; brilliant strategist; chrono-graviton repeater allows for flight and intangibility through manipulation of his molecules' placements (even the most miniscule ones) along the timeline; weapons based on clockworks.

Zero Woman:
Amalgamation of: Big Zero + Amazing Woman
Real Name: Erika Hunter (formerly Erik Hunter)
Biography: Erik Hunter grew up in London, England. He sought to become a supervillain, so he contacted a villainous doctor named Everypower (Power Broker + Everyman), who could give him the powers he wanted, for a steep price. Using the genetic material collected from a creature from the "microverse", Everypower started the procedure to give Erik size-manipulation abilities. The surgery was botched and the unconscious Erik's genetic structure was changed by accident. Erik woke up with his powers, but, much to his shock, he had become a woman! Everypower said that the process can be reversed, but that it would probably compromise his powers. Erik decided that he would rather have his powers, so he got counseling to psychologically reassign his gender role. Now a teenaged woman named Erika, aka Zero Woman, she began her crime spree to pay back the money he owed to Everypower for the operation. Since she was a man, she was originally attracted to other women, but her hormones soon kicked in and she also became attracted to men. It's not so much a physical attraction as it is a personal one, which is why she became infatuated with a male-programmed android named Tem. Tem and Erika, as Clock-Head and Zero Woman, joined the Young Titans, the evil counterpart of the Teen Avengers.
Powers: Size manipulation. Her flesh changes whenever she changes size; when she's taller, her skin, hair and nails become rough and sharp, allowing her to slice through strong surfaces, and when she's smaller, her skin loses its friction, so she can squeeze into tight spaces and slide around at fast speeds.

Amalgamation of: Coat of Arms + Copperhead II
Real Name: Lisa Prince
Biography: Lisa Prince is a psychotic young woman who ran away from home after drowning her infant sibling. She would sell her body, then kill her mate and use their remains in amazingly detailed paintings. Evil is her main inspiration and she uses the posed corpses of her victims as models to paint portraits of Earth's most famous villains. Her works drew the attention of the Ophidian Sigil (Serpent Society + Cult of Kobra), who enlisted her to sell her works to fund their terrorist activities. Wanting to become a supervillain, and to do a self portrait of herself, she convinced the member John "Copperhead" Lawfers (Davis Lawfers + John Doe) to speak to the leader Quobra (Cobra + Kobra) on her behalf. Quobra performed the magic ritual that gave her reptilian scales, a tail, six arms and other powers. She took on the codename Orochi, after the multi-headed serpent of Japanese mythology. The Ophidian Sigil then loaned her out to the Secret Society of Evil, making her one of their Young Titans.
Powers: Reptilian biology, enhanced speed/agility/stamina/reflexes/senses; constricting tail; poisonous fangs; four extra arms; master swordswoman.

Arc Weld:
Amalgamation of: Melter II + Dreadbolt
Real Name: Terry Colchiss
Biography: Terry Colchiss, aka Arc Weld, is the co-leader of the Young Titans underneath Clock-Head, though he desires to be the leader himself. But Clock-Head's ability to predict the future anticipated any attack on him, so he outfitted an unconscious Arc Weld with a sub-skeletal implant that would turn Terry's metamutant (mutant + metahuman) powers against him with a push of a button. Arc Weld led Dissent and Torturer to hunt down the West Coast Teen Avengers while Clock-Head, Zero Woman, and Orochi took on the East Coasters. Dissent and Arc Weld fell in love, so when the Young Titans began turning on each other, Clock-Head tried to kill Terry with the implant but Dissent already used her magic to disable it. Arc Weld then melted Tem's body, leaving only his floating head. The Teen Avengers then escaped and defeated their captors, but the Young Titans are spirited away by the Secret Society of Evil.
Powers: Generation of an electricity-like energy that negates molecular cohesion, causing anything affected to melt (even people).

Amalgamation of: Enchantress II + Disruptor
Real Name: Sylvie Smith
Biography: Sylvie Smith was abandoned as a baby and shuttled between foster families during her formative years, causing her to develop an anti-social personality. In an encounter with the dark sorceress Cerki (Loki + Circe), Sylvie learned that she was Amazardian (Asgardian + Amazon) abandoned in the mortal world; however, this was a lie that Cerki told in order to cause chaos and develop a cruel minion to serve her. Imbuning her with gilded gauntlets that allow Sylvie to access a fraction of Cerki's magic, Cerki turned the girl into the villainess Dissent. With her next foster family, she used her magic to seduce her foster father and cause an accident that killed his wife. The forming Young Titans inducted her into their ranks. With all of the Teen Avengers captured and held in a secret base, their sorceress Ravican (Wiccan + Raven) caused an illusion to make Zero Woman think that Clock-Head was cheating on her with Dissent. The resulting infighting among the young villains gave the heroes enough time to free themselves and attack the baddies in full force. Disappointed in the Young Titans' failure, the Secret Society of Evil's mercenary, Deathpool (Deadpool + Deathstroke), was ordered to kill them and replace them with a team of his own formulation. Dissent used her powers to teleport the team away and they were gone.
Powers: Magic gauntlets allow Dissent to fly, fire energy blasts, generate force fields, teleport, cuase halucinations, and other powers.

Amalgamation of: Executioner II + Persuader (female)
Real Name: Danny Kimble
Biography: Danny Kimble is a spoiled-rich brat who was raised by a spiteful mother after his father left them. He became a killer-for-hire in high school, killing his mother when she found out. He was recruited into the Young Titans by Orochi, due to their connection by way of the Ophidian Sigil; it turns out that Danny's father is the Sigil member Prince Serpent (Princess Python + King Snake), which makes him the half-brother of the criminal Sunset (Sunset Bain + Bane), an enemy of the hero Iron Bat (Iron Man + Batman). And on top of that, Danny's descendant in the 30th Century is the villain Wraither (Wraith + Persuader [original]) one of the Annihilation Five (Annihilation Wave + Fatal Five). After the Young Titans were defeated, they disappeared until they were contacted by Baron Zod (Baron Strucker + General Zod), leader of the terrorist group HUNDRA (HYDRA + The 100). Their new mission: capture a group weakened heroes to brainwash them and pit them against other heroes.
Powers: Above-human strength/speed/stamina/durability/agility/reflexes; carries numerous weapons on him, his favorite being an assault rifle with an axehead bayonet.
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