Kaiju All-Stars: Morops Picture

Name: Morops
Factions: Rogue
Alignment: Chaotic good
Kaiju Rank: Rank 3

Height: 35 meters (60 meters when upright)
Length: 105 meters
Weight: 21,000 tons

Ripper Claws: Like the bizarre mammals he's related to, Morops' three-toed feet bear absurdly large claws, built primarily for heavy digging. However, these stout claws make formidable weapons when brought against opposing daikaiju and military forces alike. Attached to long, powerfully-built arms, Morops' claws can be brought even further outward when the monster takes a bipedal “fighting” stance.
Skull Dome: Atop Morops' cranium is a thick, bony dome ringed with bone spikes around the back. Well-built as a battering-ram, the dome gives Morops an edge in close-quarters disputes, as well as ample protection for his brain-case.
Equine Athleticism: Contrary to his stocky build, Morops is in fact a surprisingly fast mover, his capacity for speed rivaled only by his capacity for agility. Morops is, in essence, the racehorse of daikaiju.
Skilled Thrower: While not exactly a “power”, Morops has appeared, time and time again, to be particularly skillful at the use of throwing objects. First-time opponents of Morops...beware.

Practically Tailless: Morops lacks a physical weapon that most daikaiju are born with: a large, powerful tail. While not a major detriment, the lack of a useful tail puts Morops at something of a disadvantage when confronting other monsters.
Forced Brawler: Besides throwing objects, Morops lacks ranged weaponry entirely, and must battle up-close and personal, no matter the size or strength of his foe. This may in fact be why Morops has learned to throw so well....

Morops likes nothing more than utter peace and quiet; he would literally kill just for some time alone and away from the Enigma-crazed chaos that Earth is falling into. He longs to return to his dominion, to be left alone by his fellow men and monsters, to be left in the shadows of the world's farthest reaches, his mind at peace. However, as the planet's kaiju population grows higher, and as real estate becomes harder and harder to hang onto, Morops reluctantly forces himself into the fray, protecting the few things in life he believes are worth saving.

Very little is definitively known about Morops' past. Some believe that he was another Earth Hollow escapee, while the more superstitious see the mammoth mammal as a modern incarnate of a creature from ancient Russian mythology: the mighty Indrik-beast. One thing known for certain is that Morops was first officially seen—in modern times at least—near the Siberian Traps. He reportedly traveled through the wilderness for weeks on end, seeking out new territory in the frigid countryside. On September 18th, 2010, Morops was reported to have come across the Almighty Raven, Dikorus, raiding an Enigma mining facility near Moscow...and deep within Morops' territory. Disgusted with Dikorus’ unyielding onslaught upon the defenseless humans, Morops took a stand against this terrifying adversary, for their sake. Though he fought valiantly against such an overwhelming opponent, Morops fought a losing battle; outmuscled, outsmarted, and outgunned, he was finally forced into defeat. Ever since that day, Morops has held Dikorus with a particular disdain; in relevance to that day, Dikorus, however...could hardly care less....


My main KAS kaiju's “nemesis”...of sorts. I've had Morops' concept rolling around for a while, but up until recently, I've had no real use for it. So I decided to throw him into Kaiju All-Stars to bolster my submission roster a bit. Seeing how ridiculously popular large, bipedal reptiles are in kaijudom, I was aiming for something a little different for KAS. Oh, and a llama goes to
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