Nomis character page Picture

Nomis is a likable guy.. I imagine him voiced by Thom Adcox or somebody. Lolz, his name is Simon backwards.. because Simon the Sorcerer was a kickass game. Also, he's gonna have a nemesis wizard guy called Didros.. cuz Sordid was the main badguy in Simon the Sorcerer.. which was a kickass game.

Um, let's see.. as the only tanuki in .. some.. town.. I'll figure that out later.. umm.. at some point he'll discover (or put together) that he was adopted and that most likely his parents live somewhere in.. the east.. land.. So see.. he dresses like a westy-style wizard, but he's a tanuki. Good contrast, right? Yeah.. he pretty much thinks he fits in, so that's good. He's also got a crush on the yuki onna (whose name I haven't settled on yet.), so it would appear he doesn't have much of a sense of species-identity.. which is just keen.
While poor in hand-to-hand combat, Nomis sports varied and effective magic.. shapeshifting.. teleporting.. invisibility... 'gnosis' (seeing enemy stats)... leaf storm.. eye beams.. fire breath.. copying-the-enemy.. lots of neat stuff... all after charging the spell by wailing on his gonards. ^_^

It would seem that this is the third character to use magic leaves (Er, did I draw any on Dimas? I might have meant to.) so I guess those are going to be a major equippable-item.. charm.. thing.
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