2009 The Mighty Thor Picture

A little disclaimer first, my version of Thor follows the Mythology a lot closer than Marvel does, so here it goes; a Thor event for my Marvel universe.

In 2009 Asgard lays in ruins as Ragnarok rages. Thor is locked in combat with his nemesis Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent. Thor strikes the killing blow to the serpent, and the serpent's venom infects Thor as was foretold. However instead of dying from the venom Thor falls to Midgard to the small town of Puente Antiguo New Mexico.

There he was found by Doctors Donald Blake and Jane Foster who treated him for his poisoning and nursed him back to health. When he came to, Thor found himself in a strange new land and realized he is the last of the Asgardians. Deciding to make the best of his situation Thor chose to become the guardian of his new home becoming friends with Doctors Blake and Foster as well as an architect named Eric Masterson, and the Med student Darcy Lewis who was interning at the clinic.

Elsewhere another Asgardian, Loki, exits the hiding place he used to survive Ragnarok. Believing his plan a success he is enraged when he discovers his former master also survived. Thor sets out to Puente Antiguo to kill Thor and assert himself as the ruler of Earth.

When Loki arrives a battle ensues and Thor learns Loki orchestrated Ragnarok himself in order to claim the power of Asgard and rule over the nine realms. Eventually Thor is the victor and decides to imprison Loki back on Asgard where he can do no harm. Thor then reveals that he plans to create a new pantheon of Asgardians by transforming those he finds worthy. Before he leaves Darcy reveals herself to be a SHIELD agent sent undercover to assess him and gives him a communication device in case he is needed again.

credit to Micromaned, Loganwaynee, Ze Ballbreaker, and anyone else I may have missed. Only 2 more to go until the Avengers, although I do plan to throw in other characters as well before I start Phase 2.
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