My Little Transformer HubStyle! the game cover art Picture

This is the first of many masterpieces I hope you'll all get a kick out of.

While trying to breathe life back into the RPG video game genre harkening back to the GOOD Final Fantasy titles, My Little Transformer HubStyle! the game on the Nintendo 3DS would combine the scenearios of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic's season 1 finale Best night ever with Transformers Prime's season 1 finale story arc One Shall Rise drawing inspiration from the Final Fantasy series' most influential title, Final Fantasy VII.

On the night of the Grand Galloping Gala, Twilight Sparkle & her friends are looking to make all their dreams come true on their "best night ever" in the royal capital of Canterlot. Too Bad they don't consider the fact that not everything is as it seems, as secretly on their home world a war between two opposing factions of shape-changing alien robots known as the Autobots and the Decepticons fight over a potent and vital resource known as Energon. The Decpticons & thier power hungry leader, Megatron are driven further towards their goal by a doomsday prophecy that fortells the rise of darkness on Equestria.

Megatron sends out his henchmen to cause trouble at the Gala only to be upstaged by his nemesis, Optimus Prime and his small but brave group of Autobots known as Team Prime. Team prime splits up to cover most of the troubled areas where each one meets one of Twilight Sparkle & her friends together known as the mane 6 and what else follows turns this mandotory rescue mission into an epic adventure beyond imagination where the entire world of Equestria will be in danger from the "rising darkness" that only Optimus is fated to shine a light that will drive away.

A barrier separating fantasy from reality has just been broken, giving birth to new mythology in the story of a life or death conflict and the magics of friendship & teamwork. This is also the story of a love that was right next to you the whole time and a shocking truth that always been and always must be.

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