Hadios (Leviathan of the Seven Depths)Monster 08 Picture

Hadious (Leviathan of the Seven Depths)
Height: 125 Meters
Weight: 160,000 tons
Powers/Abilities: Powerful claws, Constricting Tentacles, Swimming, Can release and channel Electric Pulses from its body, and through its tentacles.
Appearance: Hadious is a ominous dark monstrosity with a gargantuan mass, thick jaws, four red large claw appendages, eight long powerful tentacles and a thick tough hide. Having been scared and injured within a quaking battle, Hadious only has one remaining eye left.

Personality: Hadious is like a titanic hurricane, it occurs when you least expect it, and when it does its powerful wrath shall swallow everything up. It has no feelings, nor can it be reasoned with, when Hadious appears you only have two choices: Fight against its ravages, or join the numerous graveyards of its oceanic void.

Origin: Many unknowns had plagued the world during its younger eras of youth, while many of those unknowns had revealed themselves throughout history. One unknown lurked through the darkness, its entire existence while hidden brought about sea storms and tsunamis. Throughout each century, it survived, devouring everything and leaving nothing. It wasn't until the unstoppable force met an unmovable object, Gormaru. Both forces clashed furiously, giving no edge despite any injuries that had received from each other. But during the quake of their mortal combat, both entities failed to witness the arrival of a third combatant: The KT Meteorite.

Not caring in the slightest, the titans continued their battle until it was interrupted by the godly event and separated upon opposite ends of the world. Both monsters forced into a deep dormancy.

For millions of years, Hadious remained inactive until the stirrings of mankind stirred it back into reality. Hadious had reawakened but was tremendously weak, still recovering from its ancient battle and the impact of the KT Event. And with its usual food source completely extinct, it only meant that his worldly return would remain extremely delayed. But it did not stop him from getting stronger, as throughout the history pages of man, Hadious had targeted them, sinking their vessels and devouring every single life upon it.

It wasn't until the second reign of global warfare and the Verian Invasion did Hadious finally recovered all of its strength, devouring multiple battleships and consuming the alien nuclear fuel from hidden undersea Verian bases. Growing stronger, and mutating into a more incredibly force.

With its power restored, Hadious saw the world not only as its new buffet, but also as its new territory for the taking. Planning on drowning the world and turning it into its own personal watery kingdom. But first things first, ridding the planet's feeble creatures and invading pests, and finally settle its ancient battle against the only creature that could end its existence...Gormaru.


Hadious! Another monster addition to the Gormaru series! Obviously, Hadious is a kraken, a massive creature from mythology, but also a creature who I felt would make a great addition to the roster! So much creativity at your finger tips, even better you could make it a terrifying force with the right imagination. And Hadious will be Gormaru's rival/Nemesis within this series. So that should be interesting once things get kicking within the story!
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