Cyborg chick Picture

Vital stats

Real Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: 6 feet 6 inches
Weight: 220 pounds
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: None
Ethnicity: Unknown, presumed French due to accent.
Legal Status: Wanted by the World governments for acts of terrorism, sedition and lawlessness. Wanted for murder, arson, grand theft, kidnapping and exploitation.
Identity: Known only to her master and creator.
Aliases: Spite, Malicious, the Jealous

Skills: Megaera has a deadly bag of tricks in her personal arsenal. As one the Furies she is an unflappable tracker and stalker, with keen senses she’s able to hunt down any pray. But she’s not a harmless blood hound; The Jealous One is a master of countless weapons be it fire arms, blades or the severed limb of a pervious victim. Also trained and skilled in Kung Fu, specializing in the viper and praying mantis forms as well as various other forms of martial art and hand to hand combat. She relies on quick piercing hand and leg attacks. As a Cybernetic being she has a unique familiarity with all things mechanical or technological.

Powers: This Fury, has no biological ability or power, instead her strength and prowess come from her abundant Cybernetic implants and modifications. These modifications make this Daughter of the Night much faster than any normal human and the fastest of the Furies, able to run at a top speed of 60 miles per hour for up to an hour. Her reflexes and agility are incalculable and border on precognition. She can press up to 600 pounds with her arms and nearly double that with her legs. Her upgrades also provide heightened senses and the ability to see different with in the various different spectrums. The tendrils that replace her hair, are very strong, durable and extremely maneuverable and can be used as weapons or grasp or manipulate objects. They have an extendable reach of about 10 feet each.

History: The details of the Furies past are known only to their creator. She is one of three sisters known as the Furies, generals of a dark army and lap dogs of evil. In ancient Greek mythology the Furies were the goddesses of Vengeance and Wrath, relentless procurers of criminals and the punishers of the wicked. They still live for this mission, but it’s their creator’s “justice” against society they impose. At some point Megaera was human like you or I but no longer, she’s now known only as an enforcer of a cult of fire with plans of destruction. And while her past is shrouded in mystery her actions after her transformation are frighteningly well known. She’s the most blood thirsty of the three, calculating and viscous in her execution. She’s the most enhanced of the furies in terms of cybernetics; these highly advanced pieces of technology compose nearly 70% of her organs, skeleton and flesh.

Dusting her off and throwing her into the Got BEEF tourenment
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