Motme Queen Rangda Picture

This is my entree for this month's Motm contest. Her name is Rangda and she is the demon queen of Balinese/ Indonesian mythology. She eats young children and leads an army of witches and evil spirits against her arch nemesis, the lion king Barong. She is said to be hideous to behold. In villages, she is usually seen standing next to Barong as a symbol of balance and harmony. In many ways, Rangda and Barong represent the Yin and Yang. I chose to make her in honor of my own Indonesian culture. I hope you like her! (and keep small children away from her) Oh yeah, and the pattern on her clothing is called Batik. It's the traditional way of using wax to draw patterns on the clothing.

Here is a picture of her as she appears in the Balinesian dance festival: [link]

Credits are as follows:base: kio, cloud9, amiamy111
skirt: sachishirakawa
necklace: amiamy111
hair: swiftcat-mooshi
claws: amiamy111
bracelets: nohomogohan
gemstone: cloud9
top: Diamonddreams
belt: Diamonddreams
pants: mmd miko
face/skin texture: me
clothing texture: found on google
hair texture: [link]
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