David Xanatos Picture

My No. 2 Animated Villain: DAVID

Series Appearance: Gargoyles (1994)
Voiced by: Jonathan Frakes (played as Commander Riker in “Star Trek: The Next Generation”)
My Favorite Quotes:
- Go ahead. Without me, you’d still be gathering moss.

- Revenge, as they say, is a sucker’s game.

- So you see, Pop, I am indeed a self-made man.

Who would have thought that Disney can create something so dark, edgy, and epic, especially for an animated TV show back in the 1990's. Disney's Gargoyles was probably one of the most underrated animated series because this show took a lot of chances for a kids' show. But it's more than that on why I favor this show. It had some very memorable characters with touching backstories, complexing drama, unique personalities, and incredible character development all while wrapped in various mythologies and fabled legends.

This brings up one of my favorite (and perhaps the most original) animated villains on this list: David Xanatos. There are a lot of reasons why I like this guy so much. Xanatos has achieved a lot of things: vast intelligence in business, science, robotics, and even some mystic knowledge, a multi-billion dollar global enterprise, a sexy and equally intelligent wife, and one of the greatest butlers to have ever hired, Owen. Xanatos is one of the greatest foes towards Goliath and his clan, and he also introduced a lot of the clan's villains: The Pack, Coldstone, Coyote, Mutates, and Thailog.

A lot of the villains on this list are very manipulative, and Xanatos
is perhaps the best of them all. He has easily manipulated the heroes to do his dirty work without them even realizing it until it's too late. Even when he was sent to prison, Xanatos continues to be a threat to the Gargoyles.

I am also fascinated by his relationship with the Gargoyles, especially towards his nemesis, Goliath. In a way, the Gargoyles are Xanatos' inspiration towards many of his plans and creations. In fact, his robotic gargoyles and exo-suit are based off of Goliath. Xanatos always wanted to test the Gargoyles to see how the results turned out. And surprisingly enough, he doesn't show grudges towards them, and he has shown honor towards his formidable enemies; something that is unheard even among villains.

As I said, Xanatos is an extraordinary brilliant man with a plan for just about anything. Most of his plans usually have has an alternative goal(s), so either way it turns out, he always wins. One of his most complicating plans is when he manipulated Goliath & Demona into using the Phoenix Gate on his wedding night so that they can go back in time in the medieval times of Scotland. There, Xanatos use his Illuminati connections to contact past members with sealed instructions and a medieval coin, which will be worth $20,000 in the future. Centuries later, the Illuminati will give the first set of instructions and the coin to a young David Xanatos so that he can invest the value of the coin into his future enterprise. The second set of instructions was given to Xanatos days before the wedding where he will plan his time-traveling expedition. In a way, Xanatos has basically pre-determined his own destiny.

*David Xanatos is copyrighted to Disney

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