Narcissus Deity doodle Picture

Here is a rough sketch of the Narcissus Deity I drew during training for my new job.
The themes that went into his design:
1- Flowers: This represents the death of Narcissus in mythology. Nemesis killed him to attone for the death of Echo, and then he was resurrected as a flower next to the riverbank where he died, eternally forced to watch his own reflection in the water as he wilted and died every year for all eternity. Which brings us to our second theme...

2- Mirrors: The main thing this character was known for in mythology was his self-centeredness and obsession with beauty (he was the God of Vanity, afterall...), so I decided to put a giant mirror in the center of the "flower." It will be used in a manner similar to Mercurimon from Digimon Frontier, in that it can reflect attacks, or absorb them and send the stored attacks back with much more power to them. And speaking of attacks...

3- Tentacles: Let's face it, Narcissus wasn't exactly known for his proper treatment of women... so this one should be pretty well self-explanatory.
So.... hate it? Love it? Let me know your opinion of this design!
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